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Africa One Voice Movement

This project aims to build a vibrant critical mass of a ‘strong pipeline’ of diverse leaders, role models and agents for the change we need.

Africans are at the bottom of Society; in the context of equalities Africans occupy the bottom rung in each and every pile of rubble hence the need to unapologetically tackle  Afro-phobia  head on.

While there is an official policy of silence, Africans in complicit in the UK, pan European Network for Action against Racism (ENAR) is getting to grips with this scourge and some European countries have since acknowledged its prevalence.

Afrophobia refers

‘ to the specific form of racism that affect people of African descent and covers structural discrimination correlated to historically repressive structures of colonialism.

Discrimination and inequalities faced by people of African descent can take many different forms: dislike, personal antipathy, bias, bigotry, prejudice, oppression, racism, structural and institutional discrimination, racial and ethnic profiling, enslavement, xenophobia, societal marginalisation and exclusion, systematic violence, hate speech and hate crime.’

BUOYED  by massive evidence and support at grassroots level for a case for Afrophobia in the UK, Tapepuka is building solid and strategic partnerships with trusted allies in a bid to stop  this pandemic from completely eroding gains that were accruing towards a relatively peaceful and tolerant diverse UK society prior to 2010 parliamentary elections.

Since then Afro-phobic immigration laws and policies have been reformulated and enacted with a disproportionate affect on how black Africans experience life in the areas of work, health, education, leisure, housing and policing.

This continues to escalate post Brexit, hence Africa One Voice is the rallying space for highlighting , raising awareness and challenging afro-phobia.

For what we do to forestall inadvertent afro-phobia by practitioners, decision and policymakers  read 1Call for Country of Origin Consultants here.

Are you a potential COC Representative or Mobiliser? Read more here  COCs-Mobilisers & Representatives.

To express an interest get in touch by email  at,  give the office a ring on 01924 882433.

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