A Market Place of Ideas and Community Assets

Tapepuka brings women of diverse African backgrounds (nationalities, ethnicities, faiths, languages, immigration statuses, occupations) creating spaces for them to identify commonalities, learn from and boost each other’s morale and confidence.

Women often lack confidence to engage with and articulate needs to statutory and third sector agencies.  Opportunities for participating meaningfully at events are few and far between discouraging women from attending.  African women do not just want to be attendees, they want active involvement, they want their knowledge and experience to be acknowledged in order for them to have a sense of self worth.

The “Market Place of Ideas and Community Assets” fortnightly  platform  was created for women to coach each other on how to be confident in British society. Coaching happens individually and severally with peers using their own experience of addressing or finding solutions to their own problems.  The platform also serves to  reduce severe isolation through formation of friendships and self help activities.

Sensitive issues are dealt with separately and in confidence at the office.

Women have decided that 2018  training programme should have targeted  objectives and should run during term time outside school runs.

This project continues in  Barnsley extending to Sheffield by demand.  More details coming soon.